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All This Cling And Clatter

This is a sort of a girl post, but you guys out there can eavesdrop if you like. =P

I was on my way home from my piano lesson the other day, staring out the truck window and musing about life. I began pondering why things happen the way they happen. That particular day, I was more than a little stressed, and the fact that every part of my body aches was finally sinking in to my brain. So I wondered why the gross things, the painful things, the unpleasant things happen. I've pondered this before, and I always knew it was because God was shaping me into the Ambassador of Christ He wills me to be. However, that day, it burst into my realization that I'm not only being shaped into someone, I'm being shaped into someone who will someday help, serve, and belong to someone. Everything I go through now is molding me into the woman a very specific man out there needs as his help, as an extension of him. Everything I learn now, every spiritual inch I grow, it's not only to my benefit, it's to his. Each lesson, each hardship, each chore, each prayer, each recipe even.
For some reason, this is terribly motivating. No hardship is daunting when you're working for the benefit of someone you love.

Another related thought - as my dear friend Morwen said, "the nice thing is, God has given us a slew of male friends to practice on." We can learn to help, learn to serve, learn to stand by, learn to comfort even before we meet our Husbands. I know that the young men I'm friends with are, unconsciously, the best tutors I could ask for. If I can be a help to them, while not being in love with them (>laughs< I certainly love them, just not that way), how much easier will it be for me, having been trained, to be a help to the one who will eventually come?

Love Endures All Things,



  1. Interestingly enough, I've learned that these skills are going to be important all through your life, even if you don't ever marry. For one thing, learning to yield to other people is never a bad thing (in moderation, of course). For another, you are always going to have males around, and learning how to be a good influence on them is also a good thing.

    Besides. If nothing else, you are the future wife of Christ, and He deserves nothing if not the best-prepared bride.

  2. ::nod::
    I also forgot to mention brothers. I find them harder to work with than friends, because they, um, didn't choose you, they got stuck with you, but they're excellent tutors as well.


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