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I Believe It Was A Tuesday

Isn't the word "always" scary?
Also, isn't the word "always" dangerous?

ALWAYS: at all times; on every occasion; constantly; without variation or change; in every case; in any event.

Don't think I can't see you running for the hills, Commitorum Metus Members. I can also hear you squealing like little girls.

Seems to me that most people overuse the word "always" - or, if they don't overuse it, they use it flippantly. We don't think about what it means unless someone says it to us. Then, most likely, we trust them to stick to the meaning of their words.
(I'm catching myself before I go off on a rant about how we expect other people to be more sincere than we are, and how females are always looking for Mr. Darcy even though they aren't Miss Bennet. That is a lecture for another time.)

I don't say "always" very often. But I think that the few times I've used it (in a serious sense), I meant it. I didn't even realize I'm that careful until I started thinking about the word seriously (which would be last night, trying to get to sleep). I haven't gone back on an "always". Now let's see how I do the rest of my life...

Grr. I have all these thoughts banging around in my head about this word, but they won't marshal themselves into any kind of order. I had this nice, clear, concise point/theory/deep impressive philosophical statement and everything to present... but my brainpower left me as soon as the "New Post" page opened. =\
Maybe I'm just preoccupied with the various revelations of the past few days. They've left me rather scatterbrained and dizzy.

I give up. My Deep Impressive Philosophical Statement seems to be gone for good.
All I can hope is that someone reads this and has something to think about when they have a hard time getting to sleep.

Love Endures All Things,


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  1. Don't you just hate it when writer's block strikes? I've had this post sitting the drafts area on my blog for two months now, and if I could just find the words to express it well, it would be heartwarming, touching, and :sob: inspiring! Oh, well. Best of luck trying to express yours. ;)



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