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They Aren't Lost, They're Just...Late...

"...I felt very clouded. Like all the marbles in my head were separated from each other with little pieces of cotton. I didn't feel the sharp clicking of clear thoughts - just the quiet thudding of
all the things that had happened..."
~ from "SAMMY KEYS AND THE COLD HARD CASH" by Wendelin Von Draanen

That quote is from the most recent installment of the Sammy Keys series, kid/teen books that I still find enjoyable.

It perfectly describes how I"ve been the last week or so.
Normally, I'm a quick thinker. Normally, I can predict future consequences well. Normally, I'm very good at reading other people. Normally, all those marbles make a clear, brisk clicking sound as the shuffle their way about in an orderly manner. I trust my thought process, and even more do I trust my intuition.
The past few weeks, I've been everything BUT normal. It's been cloudy, hazy.
I'm trying to pinpoint why. Here's the laundry list (lots of pins pointing, in this case):
  • A sprained ankle (plus crutches)
  • School stress
  • Nice revelations from friends
  • Not-so-nice revelations from friends
  • Old memories I wanted to forget being dredged up.
  • Quizzing drama
I've got to find a way to clear my head and get myself motivated again. I"m doing the whole reading-scripture thing, and it helps, but I also want to get myself active some way, either mentally or socially. Not physically, because of the bum-ankle thing. Saturday morning I have a "date" with Dots. We're going to Starbucks and studying quiz... maybe that'll give me a lift. Hopefully.

I need a hug.


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