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Okay, so I didn't really feel like talking about Quiz for a while.
Now... well, I still don't want to, but I told you all about it beforehand and I'm rather obligated to update you on how it went.

We placed 2nd, by 10 points (10pts = 1/2 a question). The team that barely beat us out had two of my former teammates on it. They were the ones who always buzzed quickly, and caused us to dominate the last two years. Therefore, they snagged all the verse questions, which are worth more. We got most of the bigger text questions (worth a little less than verses), so we stayed pretty even with their score the entire time (this means that we sorta worked harder for the score we got).
There are various technical things I could mention here, but I"m not going to. It would sound too much like trying to justify 2nd place. Too much like I"m a bad loser (which I probably am, but there's no need for a demonstration).

I would like to say that I had an AMAZING team. I had a TON of fun with them, practices were a riot (minus the two times I passed out), and... well, I actually liked everyone on my team. That's never happened before. The chemistry was fantastic, our huddle dynamic was good, and I really can't wait for next year... yeah. I love you guys.

::shakes sentimentality off::

Right, so, the future of my quiz year looks like this:

Dots and I joined a team from Marysville, who are going to Summit (Nationals). My teams have always ::cough:: slaughtered them at Quiz Meets, but they're fairly good, all the same. They're better now, because... us + them. Do the math, it's easy.
The first practice was pretty good. We individually buzzed, and they made me sit out after I buzzed first on 12 questions in a row and recited various hard lists and dates, etc.
They don't divide the chapters... they divide strengths. This is all well and good, but poor James (gah. I need a nic for him) has a "Text Strength", and that's basically all of the book... plus, that means that my strength is going to be lists instead of verses, which I know perfectly rightsideup and upsidedown, backwards, forwards, inmysleep, hoppingupanddowninahotairballoon. I think I'm going to learn all the text verses, just so I don't stagnate in the scripture department.
So, to make up for the lack of organization, Dots and I are organizing the two of us. We're going through one chapter each week, resolving to know it by heart. We're starting with Chapter 12, because I already know Chapter 1 by heart, and everyone is usually weak on the later chapters - so if we start at the end, we'll have a strength not many others have. This is strategic WIN.

Also, I GET TO WEAR DRESS PANTS. As much as I love floor-length swooshy skirts, They're awful hard to quiz in. You have to make sure you don't step on the hem when you stand up so there isn't an embarassing moment, and you have to sit funny, etc. And I just don't LIKE knee-length skirts (I know, I know, all my dresses are knee-length. Whatever), because you once again have to sit funny (different funny), and on stages, when people are below you.... let's just say shortish skirts aren't the best choice.
Pants will be much more comfortable. So much easier for me to concentrate (especially if they have me holding The Buzzer, which is HOPEFULLY what will happen. Trust me when I say it would be best for this team)

It looks like they're going to let me socialize at Summit if I have a buddy with me. The buddy will be Dots, and all of this means that I GET TO SEE DOC!!! I'm SO psyched. I absolutely CANNOT bear waiting until APRIL, but I of course have to. ::sigh::

Yeah. So, that's what quizzing looks like this year. It's not my ideal, but it'll do. Next year, with my Dream Team (Honey, Dots, Jester, and hopefully Jester's little brother who I don't have a sufficiently insane nic for)... it'll make up for anything horrid that's happened to me in the last three years of quizzing. Really, it will. If I have a fantastic Senior year, it'll make all the work and pain and sweat and tears and lame moments of my quiz history COMPLETELY and totally worth it.



  1. Congratulations, Brenna! It sounds like you'll be busy with Quizzing for a while. ;)

  2. I have a nickname for my brother. How about the Joker? It's the ultimate pinnacle of insanity and it's in keeping with the familial theme. ;)

  3. I think that works quite nicely. ::jots down in mental notebook::


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