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In Which I WIN

Ahhh... The Awana Grand Prix. I really adore it.

Here is the evolution of this year's car, in picture format:

Note that there is an extra strip on the bottom (indicated by a pencil mark) that was not part of the car - it was only so we had something to clamp/grip while shaping the car.

We ignore the ready-made axle slots, chop off the bottom, and make our own. They're still present in this picture because of the aforementioned clamping needs.
Also shown - our custom lead (the metal) wells, located in the back so as to let gravity "push" the car down the track. We mold our own lead and plug the holes. If the car is painted, you can't even tell where the lead is

Nooo I didn't use a dremel. We, uhm, used a tool at my dad's work that I'm afraid I don't remember the name of. I justified this use of superior resources with the fact that I could have used a dremel if I had to. I like dremels.

Ohhh... hello, gorgeous. This picture sums up everything I wanted in the design of this car. Curvy, classy, arty. And BOY was it soft after all that doggone sanding I did. I almost didn't want to stain it, it was so pretty.
I think love of wood is in my veins. Dad was/is a carpenter, and I grew up with wood toys (I  had a "tool kit" - hammers, screwdrivers, tape measure-looking-thing - that my dad made me when I really little. It was all made of wood, sanded and sealed, and it was my favorite thing ever.) I swear that it's daddy's fault I have guy interests. Guns and knives and woodworking and action films. Anyway. On with the car...

Alas,  I did, in the end, stain her. Red Mahogany. Mmmmm I love dark wood.
Stain, however, is a hassle. And Pinewood cars simply don't stain well.

Here she is completed. She looks like liquid, doesn't she? Stained and glossed and ready to rumble.

I'll do another post with the race story and race pics later.


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