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 It sometimes surprises me how confusing everything can get. How complicated. How BUSY.
You'd think that getting up every morning, learning something, eating, and prancing around a stage occasionally would be pretty straightforward.
The thing is, there are people in the world.

People complicate.
People take energy.
People take time.
   People grab your emotions by the throat and
shake them around for a while
  until they get bored and decide to ruffle
   someone else up.

   People also heal.
  People listen.
People make you forget about the confusion.
                   ...Or they make sense of it.

Sometimes I think that I would be happier without people.
Then I remember my people.
   My unrelated family.
     My homes away from home.
       I don't know if I would feel secure without them.
         I don't know if I would live without them.

They give me a Place
   when I feel like I don't have one.

They give me Comfort
   when I hurt.

They come over, sit with me
      silently, just Breathing Together
   when I am so very lonely.

They don't even have to speak
   they help by just being there and loving me.

But the others...
the other people
   those who are scared of me
     they think I'm cold
         I don't smile enough for them.
            they think I look down on them...
         they never took the time to find out of they were right,
      of course....

The other people...
   I often think I hate them
     I don't.
       or that I wish they'd stop looking at me like
                                                             I don't belong
             like I'm crashing their party
      or I unjustly judge them
                                            I write them off
   I think to myself that they aren't as good as My People

        to someone out there,
     they are the World
              they're someone else's People.
         to someone out there,
            they are a Comfort
                    a Place
                 a Home
          a Friend
   someone to sit with silently and just Breathe with.

Every person
 walking past...
    sitting next to me...
       looking sideways....
           in the audience....
                across the table....
                    in the room...
                         in the neighborhood...
        Someone Loves them.
    and they Love Someone too.
I convince myself they don't feel
    of course they do
        they're human.

                         How do I forget this?

They're people.
 God made them
   He Breathed on them, with them,
     every second of their lives
and always will.
 He Breathes one me, with me,
      every second of my life.

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  1. That's really good. I've thought a lot about that, especially when we're in places with lots of people. Each of them has a life, a still amazes me.


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