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Friday Night Lights... Camera... Action!

Well, it's actually a play.

Yeah. I'm in a play on Friday. My character, Ruth, is a rude, obnoxious, materialistic, disobedient, rebellious, teenage girl (oh, wait, I'm being redundant... ::cough::) who wears really tight pants and shirts that are half falling off. But in a way that isn't completely ruinous of my modesty (it wasn't easy).She's also the accidental main character. The original main character somehow got overridden by what Ruth grew to be - but they're all cool with that.
There are two songs in the play, one of which I was supposed to be singing in. I dropped out last week or so, because my voice wasn't mixing with the other MC's voice (Hope).

This is the one Hope sings:

And this is the one my Uncle in the play sings at the end:

So yeah. If someone wants to see me prance around in a weird shirt and really tight pants while yelling at a stage family, rolling my eyes and calling people names, I suppose you should show up at my church tomorrow night... curtain goes up at 7:00, and I'm not quite sure about admission costs... there probably isn't one, or if there is, it'll be low.




  1. I'll be in Idaho at the time...

    So what's the plot?

  2. Have fun! You're a great actress. :)

  3. Hi Brenna, saw your comment on Melissa B's blog and thought I'd stop by to say a quick Hi!!!

    hope you have a great night!

  4. @Qwip - the plot is... really confusing to explain. =P Well. The MC, Ruth, is a jerk, as I've mentioned. she lives in a Christian family. and on the day the play begins, she's planning a sleepover with two of her friends. Then her mom gets a call, and finds out they have to take care of their cousins for the night, and Ruth throws a fit because her cousin, Hope, does this "embarrassing thing" at night and she doesn't want her friends to find out... [the "embarassing thing" being night terrors because of an accident when she was younger, not... something else.]..... and various things happen after that to turn Ruth's attitude around, win her back to Christ, and cure Hope of her terrors (and win her to Christ). Etc. THat's not a great summary, but it's not a really great play, either...

    @Haley - Thank you. =) That's sweet. I'll definitely have fun!

    @ Wild And Precious - thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you around. =)

  5. Ahh. Sounds very ... Christianity-centered. :P


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