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After All This Has Passed... I Still Will Remain

I woke up in really horrible pain this morning, at 3:00am.
I got up and went to inspect my back in the mirror. The muscles on either side of my spine were inflamed to the point that it looked like I had three spines. Three crooked rows of lumps going down my back. My ribs, as usual were extremely visible as well.
This is a really awful thing to wake up to. Pain isn't fun to begin with - it doesn't need the added indignity of physical off-ness.

More updates (working backwards):

My internet life this week has been weird, because one of the main staples is not here.

Went to Qwip's play on Saturday. 'Twas grand.

Went to a 50th anniversary party. 'Twas... well, kinda boring.

Had a book sale. 4 families attended. Made $275. Extended book sale through the next week (IN OTHER WORDS, COME. We still have 1,760 books left.)

Um... I don't know. I'm rather not full of words right now.


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