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Last weekend was very musical.

On Saturday, we went to a friend from church's Suzuki Book 6 Violin recital.
It was quite fun, and involved FOOD afterwards, which is always a plus.
Over dinner, I had conversation with Jester and an adult friend of Jester's family (I don't remember his name, just that he had a good handshake) about weapon laws in various states, airplanes, and how the church is becoming effeminate. It was a blast. This was a highlight of my week, because I don't often get social events where I really get to talk to people for extended periods. Especially such favored people. Especially about such favored topics. You get the point. Moving on.

On Sunday, I went to a Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra concert, mostly to hear Jester play, but when I go to these things I always kinda forget and enjoy the music as a whole (imagine that) until the trumpet section does something Interesting. 
Jester's little sister was sitting next to me, and cuddled half the time. This made me happy, because I don't have a little sibling to love on and am usually in dreadful need of affection. 

Aaaaaand we're including Monday with the weekend because I FEEL LIKE IT. 

So Monday I have piano lesson, and I got three new pieces (two by Bergmuller! Yay! And another by some Japanese composer who doesn't write Japanese-sounding music) and lots of points because I'd done so many musical things in the past week. 
That night, we had play practice... ah, play practice. I was tired and irritable. It was like acting while your head is plastic-wrapped and expecting to be good (also expecting to live). There was singing and stuff going on, and a drum kit that my brother JUST. WOULDN'T. STAY. OFF. OF. 
Speaking of singing, I've officially dropped out of the song in the 8th scene. Why? Because my voice and Hope's voice don't mix in this particular key. Perhaps because she knows the notes, and I don't. Regardless, we have two weeks until performance, and I'd rather worry about something other than singing - such as when I enter. It just seems a little more vital. 

On Wednesday we're going costume shopping... wish me luck. I've had none in this area in the past. And considering what I have to GET this time (costume for rebellious/loose daughter, stage pajamas/robe, and a changed-my-ways outfit for the reformed rebellious/loose daughter), I don't see it going overly well. 
Ah well. Such is life. 

Love Does Not Seek Its Own,


P.S. That title is "music" in Belarusian. 


  1. Wow. Busy weekend!! Very musical too!!! Oh, by the way, this may seem sort of obvious but- I've found your blog. Yes. I have. Really.

    *rolls eyes at self*


  2. Hehe. How did you track it down? I didn't know it was find-able. =P

  3. When you leave a comment, if you click on the person's name, it brings you to that person's profile. :) I just figured that out recently...


  4. Oh, right right right. This makes sense. =P


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