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I have been busy. I have not posted. I've also been reflecting on several things in the privacy of my own mind. I will not ask forgiveness - it is my blog, and my choice whether or not to post.
Cease your tomato-throwing.

I suppose an update on quizzing would be in order, as I've spent far too much time introducing you to everyone and everything in my quiz world to leave you hanging now.

Luna quit.
Dots (Emily's sister) and Honey and Jester and I are the official team. We're actually quite good.
We have been quizzing the entire Awana night for the last two weeks. We skipped Council Time. Skipped Handbook Time. Skipped Game Time. I couldn't be happier! Now, don't get me wrong, I adore Awana and its functions and schedule and all that rot, but QUIZZING is such a lovely use of time, and far more than a replacement (especially of Game Time).
Our all-night practices have been quite productive. We have been BUZZING, and BUZZING is GOOD. It has been decreed that Jester is our buzzer man, and I am the paddle... woman? Wait. That rather makes me sound like a strict disciplinarian... it is not a paddling as in paddle-your-backside-you-naughty-child paddling, it's...
::deep sigh::
I guess I must explain for those of you not in-the-know.
Awana quizzing consists of two rounds - Speed Round and Multiple-Choice Round.
In Speed Round, the team of 2-4 people huddles around a buzzer that your buzzer person is holding. Teammembers pile their hands on top of this buzzer. When a teammember thinks he/she knows the answer to the question, they press down on the pile of hands, and this triggers the buzzer. If they're the first team to buzz, they get to answer the question. Think group-Jeopardy.
In Multiple-Choice Round, you hold paddles (they look like great big meat cleavers, only they don't cleave meat. I've suggested they fix this oversight, but NOOO... still plastic). These paddles are labeled A, B, and C. The questions are given, with three answers, conveniently labeled A, B, or C. You raise the paddle that has the answer you choose. You pray to heaven that you're correct.

Ta da! That's quizzing!

We've gotten our outfits all ready for Locals. Black knee-length skirts for the girls, and black pants for Jester. Black shoes for all. Black shirts for all. But before you think we're attending as Team Ninja (believe me, we thought seriously about it...), let me explain about the Awana colors...
Awana colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. IN THAT ORDER.
If someone who isn't an Awana person can tell me what order those colors are in, I'll will seriously mail you a cookie.
If you send me your address.
Otherwise, it'd be kinda hard.
Moving on.

So, Honey has a red scarf, Dots has a yellow scarf, and I have a green scarf. We're not making Jester wear a scarf. He's wearing the blue tie.
We are going to look sharp.

In case y'all haven't noticed: I'm in significantly higher spirits than I was before I took my little break from Blogger. I'm attempting to be more positive, and I'm attempting to laugh more often. I have a few new friends, and a few new internet haunts that are helping me a lot with that.
Most of you probably didn't notice in real LIFE that I wasn't all that "happy", but... I'm an actress.
Hopefully, my higher spirits will result in more innocuous posts. Perhaps about music, or things happening in my life... not just my spiritual musings and angsting about pain to the exclusion of all else. I want to portray the lighter side of me on this blog.

BY THE WAY.... little memory jog just hit. I've hit a Milestone:

MILESTONE: Was "proposed" to for the 5th time. Improv has its merits, however awful I am at it. I think I'll write a post later about Improv and why I stink at it.

Love does not parade itself,


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  1. *Puts down tomatoes*

    I guess it's sort of late to comment on this post, but it would be so funny if you could've gone as Team Ninja as opposed to your church name. *No sacrilege intended* Although that would open up a whole other can of worms...


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