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More Geekdom (Because I Forgot Stuff)

I forgot to include a special note in my Geekdom post that short curly/wavy hair has to be treated differently than long curly/wavy hair.

Short curly hair is usually healthier, and requires less work, because the natural oils from your scalp will protect and nourish the shafts. But this also means that to avoid oiliness, short-haired curly or wavy people should shampoo (and condition) every day.
HOWEVER, there's this cool little trick I learned from Lorraine Massey, author of the curly-haired person's Bible. You just mix 2 parts conditioner with 1 part shampoo, and use the concoction once or twice per wash. Hair is cleaned, hair is conditioned, you're done.

Lucky sods. Life is so easy for you.


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