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Well, I finally did it.

That's right.

I dumped my Printer.

After the many years of emotional turmoil and confusing communication issues... it's over.

Oh, he tried to convince me to stay with him.

He told me he loved me.

He told me that I meant the world to him.

He told me I was beautiful.

He told me he wouldn't ever have a paper jam again.

He told me he would even print on index cards if I would just stay with him.

But my mind was set.

No longer would I keep his ink cartridge filled without so much as a thank-you.

No longer would I let him carelessly shred my Economics papers into confetti.

No longer would he print blue as green and purple as pink!

NAY! I was finished with Inky!

And so....

I simply....


I hope you're crying under your bed right now, Inky.

I think I'll write a song about this.



  1. Hahahaha. With your extreme personification of inanimate objects, I can almost envision this actually happening in your head....


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