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I'm All Ears (Addiction #4)

I'm addicted to listening to people talk about themselves. Especially those people I love more than myself.

Seriously, though. I could sit for hours and listen to someone talk about the way they think, or what they believe and why they believe it, or who their favorite person in the world is, or what their passion is - whatever lights them up and gets them talking faster , gives them a  happy glint in the corner of their eye - that is what captivates me.
The pleasure of listening to people is further intensified when I'm listening to one of my close friends. Those are the people I want to memorize, to understand as well as humanly possible. I want to be able to study and learn these people as long as I live.

Maybe it's my obvious enjoyment of listening that makes other say I'll be a good psychologist - I really don't know. But I would imagine it making my job a whole lot more enjoyable.

So if you ever find yourself rambling on about something to me, and they realize you've been talking without my saying a word for absolute ages, and think to yourself, "Oh great. She doesn't care about this, I shouldn't be rambling and boring her" --- don't worry about it. If I'm still there, it's because I still want to listen. It's because I care - even if I don't care about what you're specifically talking about (though I guarantee any and all information is tucked away in your file), I definitely care about you.

So, please.

Love Hopes All Things,


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