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I was talking someone's ear off about the 16 personality types (a mix of Jung, Briggs-Myers, and Keirsey) the other day (and several days afterward), and the conversation(s) prompted me to find every single one of free online Typology tests and have everyone see if they test the same every time. Because I really want to know how accurate they are.
This only works if y'all cooperate. ::crosses arms:: Please? For cookies?

Human Metrics Test (Gives percentages)

Kisa Test (Gives percentages of secondary functions as well as primary)

Personality Pathways Test (Simplistic test, but good descriptions of the preference choices. Includes type explanations)

Similar Minds Test  (Gives you percentages... and a gadget for your blog. =P)

Ithaca Test (No percentages)

Team Technology Test  VERY cool test. I don't know if the questions are worth anything because I haven't taken this one for real yet, but it gives you several different ways to interpret your score. They call it an "in-depth" analysis, and will probably ask you to send them money before you get to see all of it... but a large portion that is available free of charge.

Four-Question Test  (Simple test, but gives detailed sketch of the type when you're done.)

PersonalityNet Test  (Questions are different than the other tests, which is nice, but it placed me in the wrong type. =P Ah well, try your own luck at it.)

That's all for now. Read more about types here:

The Personality Page

Have fun, gents.


P.S. And ladies, I suppose. Oops.


  1. Man... I did most of those and had a nice list of what I got from which, but then I lost it. I got mostly INTP or INTJ, with one ISTP.

  2. Yay! I knew you would do it.
    Any other takers?

  3. ::now will probably not finish her HW on time::

  4. So convenient of you to forget ladies...


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