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In Which I Make An Allusion

I took the ACT today. Can't technically say anything about it, because I signed my life away on a dotted line, so I'll just say that I did fine on everything but Math and Science. Big surprise, I know...

But something I didn't promise I wouldn't talk about was the other people in the room. Specifically, the public school girls.

It struck me, as I was sitting there in my jeans, sneakers, fleece jacket, and plain tank top... that YEESH, girls these days. I already knew, of course, that girls are flaunting things like mad. But it's more shockingly obvious in the morning when they've only half prepared themselves for the day, and therefore look even more like hookers.
Yes, I said that and I'm not hitting backspace this time because it's TRUE.
Seriously. Apparently, spandex or somesuch is "in" right now, because I see way too many girls sauntering about with nothing but leggings on the lower half of their bodies. Leggings are not pants. Leggings are like long underwear. You know, those things they wear under their clothing. Like in "Little House On The Prairie" and a long time ago in history. Possibly also in modern-day Amish places. ::cough:: They have only recently been considered acceptable as visible clothing, but that was primarily under skirts/shorts, or to be used while doing Yoga/Pilates/whatever. I know this because I have my own pair of yoga pants that I WOULD NOT BE CAUGHT DEAD IN OUTSIDE OF MY ROOM, WHICH IS HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK.
I do not want to know that much about a person I don't know. I don't want to know that much about a person I do know. So naturally I'd rather they kept their spandex second-skin and what's underneath it to themselves, only to be revealed in the privacy of their own homes. And while I'm here complaining, I'll not leave out the jeans that fit just about as well as the leggings do.
Also, I would rather not have to look at all that mascara smudged under their eyes (do they not notice this? How can you spend 2 hours in front of a mirror and then one hour later not pay notice the fact that you've rubbed two pounds of mascara onto your cheeks?). Or the rest of their makeup, which usually appears to be applied via snowblower.

Why do girls get themselves up to be blinking red lights, screaming for attention and... handling? Why do the romantics who want someone to love them for "who they are" get themselves up so that no one is able to see past what they are? Why do they have to cheapen my entire gender? Why don't they realize that really.... how they dress affects themselves least of all?



  1. It's really interesting seeing a female reaction to the leggings/long stockings/whatever-they're called - something that for a guy, is flat out distracting. If a girl is trying to get a guy's attention (SEVERAL issues right there that I'll pass over for sake of time), one would think that they would want to attract one by their PERSONALITY, not by their appearance. Which, face it, is going to be gone in 15 - 20 years (unless you're one of those really lucky people that never look older, just smarter). Will his attention last that long, or will he be off as soon as the next pretty face that he sees walks by and bats her lashes (since he's been trained by womankind that's what is most important)?
    I would think that a girl would want a man that appreciates her for herself, not a boy that is simply looking for a buzz. If this is so, she should pay attention to where she's pulling his eyes...

  2. Kind of funny how some girls dress very immodestly, but are disgusted by the way guys act around girls like them. The way my pastor described it was that "They call them 'dogs' but they like having the leash"


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