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While my title may be slightly misleading, it got your attention. Mwahaha.

Okay, I need to decide on my new Work Knife. There are currently 4 knives in the running, one of which is my favorite but I'm not reminding you which that is. I have a few elements that are necessary in this knife:

1) Bigness. Bigness means over 3 inches, which isn't really "big" by most standards, but it's fuzzing the legal concealed-carry limit. However, since I'm only having it at work and other select places, I don't care what the legal limit is. My own supervisor carries an technically illegal conealed folder, so I am... justified, or something like that.
2) Serration. A few of the choices I have lined up do not have serration. That is because it's not a necessity (as I unfortunately stated above), but rather a preference. I don't technically like serration, but it would make a few things quite a bit easier, so I have given in.
3) Grip. I suppose most knives have some sort of grip, but I need one that has some UMPH behind it, because it makes me feel secure. I don't like any sort of plastic.
4) It can't look like I'm going to go bear-slaughtering with it. In other words - not excessively manly looking. =P

These are the choices that Jester and I have found so far. If anyone has more suggestions, feel free to comment. If you don't have any more suggestions, you are free to cast a vote for your favorite in the comments section. =)

Choice One: 
Folding BuckLite MAX
Stats: 3 5/8" blade, 5" closed, 3.1 oz, black glass reinforced nylon handle
Note: This is my least favorite out of the choices. The only thing it's got going for it is blade length. I'm not even sure why I'm putting it up here, actually. 

Choice Two: Gerber Paraframe I, Serrated/Black
Stats: 3" blade, 4.12" closed, stainless steel handle. 
Note: Yay serration, and also the open-frame handle. 
I don't have much experience with Gerber, but I know
a few people who have them and are pretty happy 
with them. 

Choice Three: 
Smith And Wesson 
"Homeland Security" ComboEdge
Stats: 4" blade, 4.13"closed, black Zytel handle.
Note: I like the beefy handle. I do not particularly like 
the fact that's it's a slow flipper. ::cough:: 
I'm rather spoiled with my Kershaw and its lightning-action. 
Plus... the name? Yes. 

Fourth Choice: 
CRKT "Premonition"

Stats: 3.25" blade, 4.12" closed, 2.0 oz, 
Note: This is one of the fastest flippers I've looked at. 
And it makes serration look kinda pretty. Plus, it was 
designed by one of the youngest quality knife designers 
out there (Gerry McGinnis, 20)  
This is also another instance where the name of the knife
makes me love it. Shallow, perhaps, but effective. 



  1. I vote for the Premonition =D

  2. From the four you have listed, I think the last one is most pleasing to the eye.
    You mention a presently owned Kershaw - I'm biased in that direction... I think my Kershaw is my favorite among knives. -.^

  3. Well lookie here. MSG2 made it over to my lowly blog.

    ::nod:: I'm very much in favor of the premonition. I wish it was... bigger, though. Oh well.
    The only other problem is that it's not yet available, and I can't find a sure date that it will be.

    Kershaw... yeah, I have an all-black AO Scallion. Picture here:

    So you must tell me about your knives some time...


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