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It's all Qwip's fault I haven't been around. See, he managed to find me a job, and now I have zero time for anything but work and school. >.<

I now work for Once Sold Tales, an online used bookstore, in their Kent Warehouse. My job consists of hauling around heavy boxes of books, sitting at a computer, and making beepy noises with a scanner. Also throwing stuff and ripping stuff and knifing stuff.
As you can see, it's pretty much the perfect job for me. =D I"m purty happy.

On a personal level, I am very lonely. It seems like forever ago that I actually had a time where I got to just talk (in person) to someone I trusted... to just have time together. I'm kind of affection-starved. Maybe it's my own fault, for only connecting with guys, but... augh.

Anyway. My time for break is over, so I'll have to finish whatever random bout of writing urge brought this useless post about LATER. =P


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