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A Tale Of Three Hours Sleep

I've been doing a bad job of writing up the Summit story. No posts = bad job.
I've just been massively busy. I took the SAT yesterday (more on that later), and this morning I'm in a great rush to fill out a rather belated job application.

At Summit, I shared a room with 3 other girls. I should introduce them before proceeding further:

"Edie" - Sophomore. Plays clarinet. Has a bit of a stutter. Always ready with a compliment.
"Rain" - Senior. Rather a wild child. The "official" room leader, though she let me be in charge of everything. (I  "named" her Rain after a character in a Gordon Korman book. A hippie. She reminds me of a hippie.)
"Dots" - We've already met Dots. Senior. Tall. Scary looking. Member of my Awesome Locals Quiz Team. Hilariously random and easy to be around.

Here is a sketch of what mornings with these three lovely ladies was like:

[due to circumstances beyond my control, the sketch of mornings begins the preceding night]

11:00pm - Brenna says she has to take shower in morning because of her hair. Asks what the rest of them require, "because we need to get a schedule nailed down."
11:01 - Everyone else says they want to take showers in the morning.
11:04 - Short silence as everyone mulls conflict over.
11:06 - Dots breaks silence, saying that Brenna really does need the first morning slot because of her hair and the fact that she's "one of those weird morning people".
11:06:20 - Everyone concurs.
11:07 - Dots and Edie pleasantly agree to take showers at night, because they don't care about the state of their hair when they get up.
11:09 - After all this is settled, Dots rushes the bathroom.
11:10-30 - The bathroom contains the only sink and the only mirrors, so the Rain, Edie, and Brenna are stuck staring at each other until Dots is done, and they finally have an opportunity to wash their faces and brush their teeth before bed.
11:45 - Edie takes over shower while Dots, Rain, and Brenna finally get to bed.
12:15(am) - Edie gets out of shower and wakes Dots, Rain, and Brenna up with much crashing and banging and blinding light.
12:30am - Everyone but Brenna asleep. Brenna stares at ceiling and focuses on not thinking anything.
1:00am - Brenna is finally asleep.
4:00am - Brenna wakes up, looks at clock, and hauls her body (which has become a sack of rocks) out of bed.
4:10 - Shower begins
4:30 - Shower ends
4:30-5:00 - Various activities such as dressing, face washing, hair-doing, and makeup-applying is silently accomplished.
5:10 - Emerging from the bathroom, Brenna realizes that she hasn't managed to wake up any of her roommates with all the bathroom activity.
5:11 - Brenna nudges Rain, who has the next morning slot. Says something to the effect of, "wake up, Rain, we have to be out of the room at 6:30 to get to Fine Arts this morning."
5:11:30 - Grunting noises are heard from beneath Rain's pillow.
5:12 - Brenna gives up nudging Rain and begins nudging Edie and Dots alternately.
5:15 - Having failed to rouse any of her roommates, Brenna proceeds to open all the curtains and turn on the desk light. Various noises of complaint are raised from the bed vicinity. The lumps under the covers begin wiggling in protest.
5:17 - Brenna begins boiling water and preparing packets of hot chocolate.
5:25 - The hot chocolate is ready, and the scent seems to have drifted to the cover-lumps, who are beginning to wiggle with more resolve.
5:30 - Brenna flings covers off of lumps and demands that they get up, because they now have "just one hour to get up, get dressed, and get ready for Fine Arts!"
5:45 - Teammates stumble out of bed and cause a traffic jam at the bathroom door. Brenna yanks confused Edie and confused Dots out of the doorway and shoves Rain into the bathroom, insisting that she "be quick about it."
6:00 - Rain emerges from bathroom, quite clean but not quite awake.
6:01 - Edie and Dots take over bathroom for face-washing, tooth-brushing, and clothing-application purposes.
6:02 - Brenna, after reheating her hot chocolate, sits back in her wheelchair and sips while mildly commenting that Rain needs to pick up the stray clothes on the floor before it was time to leave the room.
6:20 - Edie and Dots emerge from bathroom, and tidy up their things.
6:25 - Edie asks Brenna to curl her hair.
6:30 - Brenna has managed to oversee tidying in the bedroom while curling Edie's hair in an extremely hurried manner in the bathroom.
6:31 - All girls are out of the room and at the elevators, only one minute late.
6:32 - Brenna bashes head on wall in the elevator
::day continues::


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