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I thought I would explain my little nicknames for people.

I'm not going to come out and divulge their names, but I'll give sufficient hints for those of you who are in-the-know to figure them out.

In No Real Order:

Morwen is the female half of the '08-'09 quiz coach duo and my Mentor.
Jester is my older brother with different parents who was born after me. Quizzed in 2008 in the Blue Shirt.
Mei is AC's Administrator.
"Someone" is short for Someone Inconsequential, and actually IS a specific person. I'm just not his biggest fan. However, he has a hand in many of my Awana Stories, so I had to give him a name.
Coach is my new quiz coach, the one who led Morwen's team to victory.
Centurion would be the male half othe '08-'09 quiz duo, though he wasn't around much in '09, and I probably have absolutely nothing to blog about him.
Maniac is the Red shirt of Taylor Creek Team 2009, known for... falling off things and being uber-social. He's also my adopted little brother who I like to take care of at camp.
Doc is my adopted younger brother from Chicago, and an excellent quizzer.
Taylor is a friend of mine from the Awana Forums.
Luna is a girl at my Awana, red hair, rather spacey. Reason for nickname takes too long to explain.
Dots is the sister of Emily, a girl Morwen quizzed with once. She's on my quiz team, and I've taken rather a fancy to her.
Honey is my ride to BPPC. I love her. She's awesome. She's incredibly intuitive. She is smarter than she looks and talks, and she's a musical GENIUS somehow.
Carrots was the Green shirt and captain on my quiz team the first two years.


  1. I love how I have so short an introduction. :P
    Doc... I am laughing my head off right now.
    And how exactly is he famous for falling off things?

  2. Let's just say, he visited BPPC last night, and The first thing anyone (other than me) said to him was "Hey... aren't you the guy who jumped off the swingset and broke your leg?"


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