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Bright Shining As The Sun

I was up all night thinking about heaven.
I can’t begin to imagine what it will be like to stand before the God who has comforted me, guided me, kept me company, disciplined me, talked to me, made me laugh, and DIED for me.
The God who gave me the family I have, and the wonderful friends that surround me now – and will still surround me then.
It’s a beautiful thought. My friends, the earthly, physical manifestations of God’s arms around me, will be with me for eternity, and we will laugh and talk and praise God together without ever tiring.
The friendships I’ve ruined, and the friends who have hurt me… they will be made new. Any anger, any hatred, any brokenness, whether because of genuine betrayal of trust or a misunderstanding… all will be forgiven. I will again be able to look them in the face and smile. I will again be able to love them without reservations. Without fear of being hurt again.
The people I scorned, barred from my life, lashed out in anger toward… scars I created will be healed, and I will be able to feel their forgiveness, and live without guilt.
The heros we have never met, the greatest men and women of God, will surround us and sing with us.
This body I live in… the scars, the crookedness, the weakness… it will vanish out of thought. I will have a new body, that has no weakness, no soreness. My mind will not be fettered as it is with the aftereffects of head trauma. I will be able to dance for the Lord.

When we’ve been there ten thousand years
Bright shining as the Sun
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when we’ve first begun.

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