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That Plastic Buzzer, It Was Holding My Hopes Up

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I found my Summit ring. I'm extremely happy about this, because my Summit ring doubles as my purity ring, and I wasn't enjoying the looks people sometimes give you if they get used to you wearing a purity ring and then see it missing. =P Plus, I paid a bundle for this ring (white gold, blue sapphire, and diamonds) so losing it forever would be very bad.

It appears we will begin Quizzing practice next week. Verdict's still out, apparently, on whether or not our Jester will actually be quizzing with us. And by "us" I mean "me", because I haven't actually decided whether or not those I will be quizzing with are going to be an "us" or a "bunch-of-people-sitting-in-a-huddle". We'll figure that out after a few practices.

I heard some disturbing news the other day, from Mei. She spoke with Brion Frakes about Journey Weekend Northwest, and he said that the Missionaries didn't want to get together this year --- so there IS no JWNW.
This just about sucked the life right out of me. I was ::thisclose:: to resigning myself to only Locals and NW this year, and concentrating on quizzing uber-seriously next year with a Wonderful Senior Year Team. Almost. I probably still would have fought to go to Summit with Cody's team or just go to watch and enjoy the Summit experience.
But this... this is SO MUCH. So much taken away. Three whole rounds. Two whole days. Months of preparation that I LOVE. All that.... snatched away with one sentence.
I know that I'm being melodramatic, and it's not actually that big a deal. There's one more year, right?
But... there was so much interest this year! 4 good teams that I've heard about, plus the team from Marysville that was becoming... competent... and there were 3 or so Idaho teams last year...
I mean, Taylor Creek Team doesn't exist anymore. We aren't going to be there to smother everyone. We're... gone. We've been tossed to the proverbial winds and scattered across the proverbial fields. Green Shirt and Maniac at a North Bend church. Me and Jester at BPPC. Mei at Christ Church. Pledged at Trinity.
All of those teams were planning on going to JWNW.
Now... we got squat.

Coach seems to be intent on going to Summit with whoever he's got, whether or not they're worth it. But maybe he's just being optimistic. I really don't know. All I know is that... I have to wait to find out.

So... despite all the complaining and angsting I'm doing, I really am excited for quiz this year. Quizzing will always excite me. I will always enjoy talking about it. I will always enjoy watching it, hearing about it, obsessing over it, living it.

Love Suffers Long,


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