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Whenever I read the word "intriguing", I read it out loud in my head as in-true-jing, as if the two middle vowels were switched. I even catch myself using it in conversation this way occasionally. Oops.

College is sapping all my excess energy (as if I ever had any excess to begin with), and I haven't wanted to write. I"m at that point when everything loses a little of its zest because I'm simply too tired to fully appreciate it.

To sum up the past week or so:

I got the third female part in Drama 112's casting of The Miser (17th century French satire). The character is quite different than anything I"ve ever played before, so I'm looking forward to the challenge. The leading lady is rather fond of cussing a blue streak, so rehearsals are... interesting. >.<

French class is immersion. Immersion is hard. Immersion beats the dickens out of my brain cells.

My supervisor at work nicnamed me "Miss Thang". This is the most creative nicname yet, unfortunately. Previous models were things like "knifey girl" (supposedly not because of my affinity for weapons, but rather my sharp intellect and cutting wit. Right. ::roll::). I think I prefer Miss Thang.

It's late. I want to go to sleep.

Goodnight, dearies.


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