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Weelllll I’m totally failing at participating in French class. =P I can understand what he says to other people. I can even tell what their response should be. But if he calls on me, I’m sunk. Everything except the blank stare protocol is vaccuumed out of my head. It’s lame.

I’m sitting on the bridge that’s between the SMT and TI  buildings. It’s rather nice, with the sun on my neck, my laptop in my lap (sans internet, because I’m dumb and keep forgetting my SID), a Dr. Pepper by my side and no one bugging me. 

Something I’ve noticed about this bridge is that younger people don’t use it. Seriously, I’ve seen about 20 adults go across it, and zero teenagers and zero twenties. I”ve seen plenty make their way AROUND the bridge, but none cross it. 

Of course, as I was typing that, a gang of three teenagers walked in front of me. Dangit. They’ve ruined my scientific experiment. I was hoping to keep sitting here every day and count people, guess ages, and look inconspicuous with my eyes supposedly glued to my laptop. Grr. Real people ruin all my fun.
Ah well. At least I still have lemon bread.

So as I said, I don’t have my wi-fi set up on my computer because I constantly forget that ID is necessary in the big world. I would be able to retrieve it if I had my WA state ID card on me, but of course I don’t, because it’s in the wallet that disappeared over a month ago. Bah. So I wait until tomorrow for blessed internet, of course. >.<

If I forget my SID card tommorrow, I want someone to shoot me.

Wellll auditions are going on at drama today. I still don’t know which part I’m going for. =P Starting to think Elise, though, because I’ve not had experience playing wholesome, protagonist parts. And she’s got this awesome scene at the beginning with her love interest in which they both talk with really long paragraphs and flowery language and basically tell each other that they love each other but don’t believe the other loves them back for realz. I’m pretty sure I could do Elise or Frosine equally well, but I’m thinking I might want a change. Sadly, the Elise audition isn’t the greatest piece of stuff.

Some asian dude is loitering on the bridge and casting sideways glances at me. ::Sigh:: Oh, he’s leaving. I think I scared him off with my accidental glare of steel. Seriously, I don’t know that I’m doing it. I just do it. My normal face is hostile! What can I say?

Well, I’ll write more later. Right now I’m going to look over the Elise audition and figure out how to make it somehow amusing. 

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  1. Love the journal novel flavor of the last two posts. It makes reading them really easy, and rather interestingly intriguing... Hope that there's more like this.


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