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This Is The Devil Speaking

It's always interesting to IM someone and end up talking to a different body. One not-quite-enjoyable time, I turned out to be talking to Joker, instead of Jester, and was sufficiently embarrassed.
But this story has been BEATEN. Just the other night, I messaged my dear big sister Morwen, who's in college over in Virginia, and was greeted by the following...

Brenna: Hello dahling
10:02 PM Morwen: Hello this is satan
 Brenna: Hi, Satan.
 Morwen: How are you
 Brenna: I'm just dandy.
  How 'bout yourself?
10:04 PM Morwen: Well the imps have been getting out of hand and we had a nasty batch of confused lawyers but otherwise good
10:05 PM Brenna: Aren't confused lawyers right up your alley?
  I was under the impression you were the one confusing them.
10:06 PM Morwen: Nope these were special usually lawyers are totally chill. These thought that they were in the wrong spot. A most unusual problem for the demons of bureaucacy.
10:07 PM Brenna: Fascinating.
10:08 PM Morwen: I am SATAN spelling is irrelevant
10:09 PM Brenna: Your main goal is seducing people to your dark side. You need to sound intelligent. People don't blindly follow ignoramuses.
 MorwenOne word
  I win
 Brenna: Touche
10:10 PM Morwen: Indeed
 Brenna: However,
  Is there was anything wrong with Obama's spelling?
  Chances are he didn't write much of anything on the campaign, but that's beside the point...
10:11 PM Morwen: So you cant judge his spelling if you have never seen his writing
10:12 PM Brenna: Have you? I'd think you'd be intimately acquainted with the man.
10:13 PM Morwen: I said nothing about my knowledge of his spelling. Only mentioned that you were not an expert
 Brenna: I realize this,
  but I'm not just arguing, I'm attempting to discover the truth,
  and as I'm obviously sitting here talking to an authority on the world of Obama,
  I took the opportunity to use my available resources.
10:15 PM Morwen: he is just like Hitler was . . . just dumber
 Brenna: I don't know anything about Hitler's spelling, either.
10:16 PM Morwen: It was atrocious
10:17 PM Brenna: You're just saying that to make me believe people won't care that you sometimes spell badly.
  I'm just trying to look out for your image, Satan.
  You really need a PR staff.
10:18 PM Morwen: No we only have lawyers and accountants here
 Brenna: That's my point exactly.
10:19 PM Morwen: If you really want to help you could send a few down
10:20 PM Brenna: Pff.
  What's in it for me?
10:21 PM Morwen: Power over your hair
  we have an imp specially assigned . . .
 Brenna: I have no desire to conquer my hair.
  I'd rather work in harmony with it.
10:23 PM Morwen: Ah but tell me it would not be immensely satisfying
 Brenna: Are you kidding?
10:24 PM Life's challenges are what makes it worthwhile.
 Morwen: But they do get tiring
10:25 PM Brenna: ::shrug:: so does breathing
 Morwen: Well we can fix that one too eventially
 Brenna: But it works so splendidly already.
  If it ain't broke,
  don't fix it.
10:26 PM Of course, you weren't a fan of how everything was put together in the first place, now were you?
10:27 PM Morwen: Well no but I did get things to the way they are
10:29 PM Brenna: Not on your own, you didn't.
  But that's a conversation for another time.
  I have to run.
 Morwen: ah sad
  I will catch you later
 Brenna: I'm not sure I like that phrasing.

I must say this just about made my day. I'd figured out about 3 lines into it who I was talking to (a friend of Morwen's, who I've heard stories about), but of course played along, because playing is what I do best. 



  1. Our mutual friend has reviewed this, and thanks you that the name of this person does not appear in this post.

    PS - I love you.

  2. Oh my goodness. What an exceptional display of wit and cleverness of tongue. Fascinating.


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