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My Looming Absence

I've been so wrapped up in writing this post about my quiz history (mostly for my own benefit), that I forgot to tell you guys that I'm actually going to Nationals. I leave on the 12th (next Monday) and return sometime on the 16th (next Friday, I think). Not gone nearly as long as I thought, so that's good/bad. =P I haven't decided which way that's going to go. We'll see how I get along with my teammates.

So, pray for me if you're so inclined. I... well, I don't expect to do as well as usual this year. Last-minute team, teammates I don't know very well at all... plus, I'm be the best buzzer on the team which is just... just... ::bursts out laughing::

BTW, I'm working on making this new background for le blog from scratch, so it'll be switching stuff in weird ways for a little while. I think being a webdesigner is slowly ruining me, because I keep getting mad at Blogger for not letting me choose my own highlight color...


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