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Going Under

I've burned my CD (Entitled: "Going Under: A Dental Compilation")
I've got my Best Friends praying for me.
I've read a bunch of Bible verses.
I've buried myself in my Strength book.
I've concentrated on... not concentrating on it...

And you know what?

I'm sooooooo not ready for this.

Please pray. Today at 2:00 I'm going to be having fillings and sealents done. I'm going to be happy-gassed, but... there are going to be needles.
Not all of you know how I am with needles.
I'm just NOT.
Needles scare me to tears, even just seeing them or thinking about them.
And in my mouth?
Even worse.

This day shall be a trial.

See y'all on the other side

Love is Ever-Flowing,


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